Kids Ministry

Sunday School & Creche

Sunday School is run every Sunday morning of the school year, during our 10am worship service. It is held during the second half of our 10am worship service and includes enthusiastic singing and worship, followed by classes in the children’s year levels, where a couple of our teachers take them through a message from the bible.

The finale for every year is our annual Sunday School Pagaent, usually held a few weeks before Christmas. Here, the kids bring to the adults the message of Christmas and our saviour Jesus.

We also run a Creche for the youngest ones, during the time when Sunday School is on.


ROCK Ministries

ROCK Ministries is a kids outreach ministry that centers around two free holiday programs, held in the Summer and Easter School holidays. We believe that we are the High-Five of Clayton holiday programs! Our primary objective is to share the good news of Jesus through free holiday activities for children, teenagers and adults. Since its inception ROCK has run many summer holiday programs, Easter holiday programs, heaps of church camps, several free trips to see Colin Buchanan perform.

The more we run the programs the more we love it and we hope to continue to run more and more holiday programs and other fun activities in the future.

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mums, tums & little onesMums, Tums & Little Ones

Mums, Tums & Little Ones is a free playgroup run by some of the mothers in our church. Any parents with babies or young children are invited to come along. Not only do the kids have heaps of fun, but parents can enjoy each others company and meet new people. If you plan on coming, you are asked to bring morning tea for your child.

Friday 9:30am @ Church

Note: Mums, Tums & Little Ones will not be running during school holidays.

If you have any questions about any of these ministries, please feel free to contact us.