Over the last 5-10 years God has brought together a number of ministers from Clayton Churches who share a love for the Lord Jesus Christ, the word of God [The Bible] and the Body of Christ. The following churches are part of this fellowship which comprises a weekly prayer meeting for the ministers [8am Tuesdays] and a monthly prayer meeting for the combined churches which they represent [8pm each 3rd Wednesday]. The Clayton Ministers’ Prayer Group also supports the ministry of Café Care, ROCK ministries, the Community Christmas Lunch, the distribution of Bible Gems Calendars and a variety of other Christian ministries which take the gospel into Clayton and its surrounding community.

All Saints Anglican Church, Clayton
Clayton Church of Christ Fellowship
Monash Christian Fellowship
Mckinnon Reformed Presbyterian Church
Oakleigh Christian Fellowship


Presbyterian Church of Australia     

The official website of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

Presbyterian Church of Victoria

This site has been created to provide information about the Presbyterian Church of Victoria. The site is database driven providing searchable details of Churches and personnel both within the State of Victoria and Nationally. It is possible to search

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The Westminster Confession of Faith  

The original 1646 version, complete with full scripture proof texts.