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Kalpan Vasa
31 January, 2021

How Much More

How Much More

“…How much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” – Luke 11:13

24 January, 2021

How Jesus Wants Us To Pray

How Jesus Wants Us To Pray

Jesus teaches the disciple to pray through what we know as the Lord’s Prayer. We revere His name, seek His Kingdom & will first, and then present our needs to Him.

5 November, 2019

Do not tolerate … but hold fast

Do not tolerate ... but hold fast

Jesus’ message to the church in Thyatira called them to not tolerate the false teaching of “Jezebel”, who lead them into sexual immorality, and to hold fast until Jesus returns.

28 July, 2019

Christian certainties in an uncertain world

Christian certainties in an uncertain world

As we live in an incredibly uncertain world, we can take heart in two things: the certainty of eternal life, and the certainty of having our prayers answered.

16 June, 2019

God’s most precious possession

God's most precious possession

God remembers His people in their despair, despite their faithlessness, and moves with mercy to deliver them because they are His most precious possession.

26 May, 2019

How to restore your “First Love”

How to restore your "First Love"

If you feel as though your love for God is growing cold, there is a way back to our “first love”. Remember. Repent. Return.

22 July, 2018

Jesus withdraws again

Jesus withdraws again

John records Jesus’ miracles as “signs” – signs that point to something greater than the miracle itself. When we look at the feeding of the five thousand, we rejoice over the miracle, but we look to where it points: to God himself and his character.