The new and living way which he opened for us

June 2, 2013

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As the Holy Spirit fills the lives of the early believers they are released to share the good news about Jesus and bring the blessings of heaven to those who receive the message. Heaven is touching the earth and men and women are experiencing the real presence of God touching their lives.

•     A lame man is walking, leaping and praising God.

•     A husband and wife fall down dead after seeking to deceive the believing community about their generosity.

•     An angel opens the public prison to release imprisoned apostles and they return to preaching in the temple.

•     A young man full of God’s love is stoned to death but while dying sees Jesus standing in heaven to receive him.

•     A devout enemy of the church experiences a light shining from heaven and a voice speaking to him declaring that it is Jesus.

•     A believer in Damascus is instructed by the Lord through a vision to go to the exact place where his enemy is living and lay his hands upon him to receive the Holy Spirit.

•     A man bedridden for 8 years is healed in the name of Jesus Christ

•     A disciple who is full of kindness dies and is raised from the dead after Peter prays for her.

These events tell us that the early believers expected real interaction between heaven and earth when they prayed and followed the instructions of their Lord.

Acts 10 continues this story with a Roman centurion in Caesarea receiving communication from heaven that is to bring him into contact with Peter so that he too can hear the gospel. A new and living way has truly been opened up by Jesus so that sinful men and women can have real fellowship with God and share the blessings of heaven.

Bible References

  • 2 Chronicles 16:1 - 13
  • Acts 10:1 - 22