Prayer & Fasting


Recently our PCV Moderator – Colin Morrow issued a renewed call to Prayer and Fasting for this coming Saturday 4th April. You are encouraged to participate in your homes in seeking God through fasting and prayer, that He would be merciful to us all at this time.

If you have never fasted before, or would like to read more about what fasting is, read our Biblical Fasting Overview.

“Let us say something about fasting, because many, for want of knowing its usefulness, undervalue its necessity, and some reject it as superfluous; while, on the other hand where the use of it is not well understood, it easily degenerates into superstition. Holy and legitimate fasting is directed to three ends; for we practice it either as a restraint on the flesh, to preserve it from licentiousness, or as a preparation for prayers and pious meditations, or as a testimony of our humiliation in the presence of God when we are desirous of confessing our guilt before him.” – (John Calvin, Institutes, IV.12, 14, 15)

We are suggesting that you read the passage provided at the beginning of each 2 hourly session and share the devotion in your home gathering. Use 1 or 2 songs from our church website to worship God and then spend time in prayer in response to the Bible reading and devotion. Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you in your prayers and remember throughout this call to fasting & prayer the challenge and promise of Hebrews 11:6. You should also take time to be still and then take a break of say 30 – 40 minutes at the end or between each session.

The relevant resources for each session along with prayer points are below.

Devotionals & Songs

Click here to access recorded worship songs

8am – 10am: Session 1 – Michael Jensen

10am – 12pm: Session 2 – Neville Langford

12pm – 2pm: Session 3 – Alex Christian

2pm – 4pm: Session 4 – Arnis Putnins

4pm – 6pm: Session 5 – Don Stanley

6pm – 8pm: Session 6 – Lam Paul Gak

Prayer Points

  1. Raising up in our congregation of elders of God’s choosing.
  2. Pray against legislation that would have the effect of seeking to force Christians to act against the Word of God.
  3. Call on our Almighty God to sovereignly intervene and turn this state (indeed this nation) back to Him and to revive His church to bring in the lost so many are saved to His glory.
  4. Those in essential services: medicos (in whatever line they are engaged in), police, the ADF and those bringing the latest updates to us through the media.
  5. Our Prime Minister and his family; for our state premiers as they are working around the clock – giving of themselves in service for the people
  6. Those who are ill with this contagion. Pray for their families too.
  7. Those in isolation.
  8. God to use this time of pestilence to revive His church, that as the church we will be faithful in loving our neighbour, sharing with those in need and proclaiming Christ.
  9. An end to this time of disease to come soon.