Flourish Women’s Ministry

Welcome to the Flourish Women’s Ministry page.

The Flourish committee consists of eight members.

  • President: Kerry
  • Vice President: Shaminka
  • Secretary: Karlene
  • Treasurer: Pearl
  • General Committee Members: Gill R, Gill G, Hannan, Rebecca

The committee is meeting regularly by Zoom, seeking God to help us in supporting the women of the congregation.

Current world and local events are times as we have never known them before. As governments seek to control COVID-19 we are required to maintain physical distance and places of worship have been closed. We are no longer able to meet physically as the body of Christ. Despite our physical distancing and potential isolation it is important that we do not become socially isolated. The Flourish committee is seeking ways to help women of the congregation stay connected and supportive of one another during these times. We have had a number of ideas and hope to be able to implement them in the coming days.



This is the place where the Flourish committee can communicate with the ladies of the congregation. Please check this space regularly to stay informed.


We have set up an email address so that you are able to contact the Flourish Committee in order to express interest in our programs and provide your details. The email address is: flourish.standrews@gmail.com. We will also send you emails from time to time from this account, including email devotions, if desired.

WhatsApp Group

The WhatsApp group aims to keep the women of our church connected via phone (especially while we cannot meet in person). In this space, we can share practical and prayer needs and encouragement. Please email your mobile number to flourish.standrews@gmail.com to be added to the group and download WhatsApp on your phone.


We hope everyone has had a very happy Christmas. As 2021 begins and we are still living in the changing environment of COVID-19 it is good to know that Jesus has all things in his hands (John 13:3).

There are no planned events for 2021 at this stage but the committee will meet at the end of January. Please pray for us as we discuss Flourish 2021 and watch this page for information.

Please feel free to email us at flourish.standrews@gmail.com if you have any questions or wish to know more details.


Conference – postponed until 2021

The previously announced Flourish Women’s Conference will be postponed to next year due to current restrictions on large gatherings.



In the 2019 Flourish conference on the topic of prayer, we were encouraged to meet in small groups for regular prayer and encouragement. The Women’s Prayer Meeting has met this need in the past. While restrictions are in place, these small group meetings could occur via phone or video call. If you are not currently meeting with other women for prayer, we are able to assist you in forming a small group. If you are interested in joining or forming a small prayer group, please email us at flourish.standrews@gmail.com to express your interest.

sincerely-media-BfriYg0iOCs-unsplashBook Club

Do you enjoy reading? Do you enjoy friendly, encouraging discussion? If yes, then Book Club is a great place for you. The group reads a nominated book and then meets every five weeks to chat and discuss the read book. Book Club is now in recess and will meet again in February 2021. We will discuss the book, Growing in Gratitude: Rediscovering the Joy of a Thankful Heart – Mary Mohler. We’d love you to join us this year so please send us an email, flourish.standrews@gmail.com if you are interested and watch this space for information about our next meeting. Feel free to contact us if you need more details or help.



Today’s challenges can make a fulfilling Christian life for women seem like an impossible dream. However, the Word of God has all the secret nuggets we need to soar in our Christian journey. The Flourish Committee has therefore decided to share fortnightly devotions by email with ladies to enrich their Christian life. These devotions will be prepared by different ladies of the congregation. Kindly send your email address to flourish.standrews@gmail.com if you wish to receive fortnightly devotions.

Meals Ministryeaters-collective-6rtm6a_aVyE-unsplash

If any families or households of the congregation are presently experiencing difficulties in providing meals or obtaining groceries, please send us an email with your details and need to flourish.standrews@gmail.com. We will work in coordination with the Deacons to see what we are able to do to help.